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10 Years Academy for the Protection of Zoo Animals and Wildlife

After many years working as colleagues in Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo, animal, nature and species conservation was truly a topic dear to the hearts of Dr. Julia Gräfin Maltzan and Prof. Dr. Henning Wiesner. Ten years ago, the zoo and wild animal veterinarians founded the nonprofit Academy for the Protection of Zoo Animals and Wildlife, which dedicates itself to international as well as domestic species and animal protection projects. Both Academy founders discuss the inspiration behind the creation of the organization and how it has changed over the years. The commemoration report with a visionary cover illustration by Günter Mattei can also be downloaded here.

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Wearables for Wildlife: Advanced tracking technology

ICARUS: One of the most spectacular projects in animal welfare and natureand species conservation. The Max Planck Society, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Wikelski, is equipping animals with miniature transmitters. The goal is to study the movement of animals in order to better protect them. The transmitter receiving antenna is located on the International Space Station ISS. The Academy sponsors this project.

© Foto: MPI

Salzburg | Berlin | Afrika

Salzburg | Berlin | Afrika

Rescuing Giants: It’s a Girl!

Almost no other mammal in the world is as acutely in danger of extinction as the rhinoceros. A healthy rhinoceros calf was recently born at the Salzburg Zoo – making it already the third offspring of this species, thanks to the invaluable help of the Academy and science: The result of a successful species protection and conservation breeding project.

© Foto: Zoo Salzburg


Discover with us the fascinating world of animals

Why young giraffe bulls have what it takes to become prima ballerinas, when ostriches discover their dancing talent, why lions often stay hungry and why hyenas are far better than their reputation - answers to all these questions and much more worth knowing about the world of animals. From 2019 on, the Academy will provide you with answers in very special trips under the direction of Prof. Dr. Henning Wiesner.

© Foto: © Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.


Rescuing the “Bird of Luck”

They represent wisdom and were the “Birds of Luck” in Greek mythology – cranes. However, due to climate change and disappearing habitats, the breeding success per crane pair in the wild is decreasing sharply. The Academy and the IZW in Berlin want to protect the endangered crane species with a unique project.

© Foto: Lea Grünberg


The King of the Forest and his Realm

Red deer are endemic wild animals; however, their population is not safe everywhere. The determination of which factors contribute to their existence is the focus of a study into space-time behaviour by the Bavarian State Forestry in Ruhpolding. The Academy supports this research project with practical help.

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The Phantom of the Mountains: The Snow Leopard

Only a few animal species are shrouded in so many myths and legends as the shy snow leopard (Panthera uncia). The big cat from the high mountain region of central Asia is on the top of the food chain and thus plays a key ecological role. Nonetheless, the snow leopard is, like so many other animal and plant species, increasingly endangered and many populations are declining.

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Help with your donation!

Help with your donation!

Where we help

Zoos, animal homes and shelters, rescue stations, national parks, landscape preservation areas, capture and relocation operations, reintroduction projects to conserve endangered species with the aim of sustainably safeguarding and maintaining biodiversity.

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Bavaria, Oberpfalz

Rescue of a Rare Forest Dweller: The Ural Owl

© Foto: Jonas-Nelhiebel

Conservation of Bezoar Goats

© Foto: © Muhamadsiddiq Barzani

Domestic Goats Worthy of Protection

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How Well are Deer and Chamois Actually Doing?

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Peru | Guayana

Andean Bears & Co.

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The Threatened World of African Wild Dogs

© Foto: Lea Grünberg

A Wildlife Animal Rescue Centre for Romania

© Foto: TWP

A Wildlife Animal Rescue Centre for Romania

© Foto:Akademie für Zoo- und Wildtierschutz e. V.

The Royal Lake Trout

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About us

The academy supports animal welfare, nature and species conservation projects worldwide. We are a non-profit organisation relying solely on tax deductible donations. Our aim is to help endangered species and animals in distress which are otherwise without financial support.

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