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Rhinoceroses – Giants in Acute Danger

Time is running out: Nearly no other mammal on the planet is so acutely threatened by extinction as the rhinoceros. The Academy has been cooperating with the Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research Berlin (IZW) at the Salzburg Zoo since 2013 on a special species protection and conservation breeding project. This partnership has laid the groundwork for a network comprised of diverse organizations – with the goal of preventing the extermination of this species.

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Red Deer in the Chiemgau Alpine Region

Once again humans are encroaching into the habitat of an animal species and ultimately causing harm to themselves. The topic is red deer, whose population in this country is quite unevenly distributed. With disastrous results: In the areas where the red deer is still to be found, it causes excessive damage to forests. In order to avoid this, it is essential to return habitat to one of the largest endemic wild animal species. An ambitious project in Chiemgau attempts to contribute to this goal.

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Help with your donation!

Help with your donation!

Where we help

Zoos, animal homes and shelters, rescue stations, national parks, landscape preservation areas, capture and relocation operations, reintroduction projects to conserve endangered species with the aim of sustainably safeguarding and maintaining biodiversity.

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Peru | Guayana

Peru | Guayana

Andean Bears & Co

The Academy cooperates with the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) not only regarding rhinoceroses, but also in two concrete projects in South America. The project in Peru deals with the protection of the only remaining short-faced bears which are also threatened with extinction: the Andean bear. In Guayana, a new reserve is planned in one of the most ecologically diverse regions.

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Discover with us the fascinating world of animals

Why young giraffe bulls have what it takes to become prima ballerinas, when ostriches discover their dancing talent, why lions often stay hungry and why hyenas are far better than their reputation - answers to all these questions and much more worth knowing about the world of animals. From 2019 on, the Academy will provide you with answers in very special trips under the direction of Prof. Dr. Henning Wiesner.

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The Threatened World of African Wild Dogs

He dedicates his life to the painted dogs, as the wild dogs in Africa are called: Dr. Gregory Rasmussen. He has been fighting for a quarter of a century in Zimbabwe for the protection of this extremely endangered species which is particularly challenged by poachers’ traps. The Akademie supports him in his work.

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Tanzania – The Battle against Poaching

It simply does not stop. Poaching in Africa continues to generate massive amounts of capital. The results are deadly: Animal species such as rhinoceroses face extinction, elephant babies lose their mothers and often suffer tortuous deaths - as do many other wild animals which become trapped in wire snares.

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Bolivia | Argentina

Bolivia | Argentina

The project "Condor" in Bolivia

It stands for courage, foresight, strength, pride and love of freedom: the condor. That is why this bird – like the eagle in Europe – plays a very special role in the self-image of the Andean states. The Academy has initiated a unique project at the La Paz Zoo to protect the "King of the Air" of South America, which is under great threat of extinction.

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Ivory Coast

Protecting Chimpaneez in West Africa

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Street Dogs in India

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Kurdistan and Egypt 2017

Protection for the Bezoar Goat and the Nubian Wild Ass

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Poing - A "wild" paradise

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A Journey Committed to the Welfare of Zoo Animals

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Susi & Agathe

No fear of spiders and snakes

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