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Elephant and Co. – Help for Distressed Wildlife

Water shortages, poaching, destruction of habitat – a lot of wildlife in Africa is in grave danger. It is mostly elephants and rhinos that currently present a major source of capital. Many baby elephants and rhinos lose their mothers this way and suffer an agonizing death.

However, even in these countries there are people who have made it their mission in life to protect the fascinating animal world of Africa. Veterinarians Elisabeth Stegmaier and DDr. Laszlo Paizs, for example, have founded the NGO Animal C.R.E.W. that represents a rescue and immobilisation centre for wildlife on Makoa Farm in Tanzania. The NGO will also spread the easy and cost-effective use of the particularly animal friendly blowpipe technique with the support of the Academy.

In addition, the Academy promotes the work of the two veterinarians and their NGO in the field of emergency care. In 2016, the Academy equipped the NGO with emergency boxes, which the veterinarians use to tend to wounded wildlife found on site. These boxes contain ropes, gloves, and infusion solutions as well as the necessary medical instruments, medication and anaesthetics, disinfectants, surgical instruments, bandaging material and the gear for blood withdrawals and diagnostics. Moreover, the Academy regularly advises both the veterinarians in wildlife-specific medical topics and questions about the particular immobilisation of wildlife. Already in 2014 and 2015, the Academy held blowpipe courses for the country’s specialists and assistants at Makoa Farm.

Another objective of the Academy is to utilize a specifically developed milk replacer in the rearing of orphaned baby elephants. It allows to feed the animals in an optimal and cost-effective way – not only in Tanzania, but also in other countries of Africa and Asia.


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About us

The academy supports animal welfare, nature and species conservation projects worldwide. We are a non-profit organisation relying solely on tax deductible donations. Our aim is to help endangered species and animals in distress which are otherwise without financial support.