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The Battle against Poaching

Poaching in Africa continues to be extremely lucrative – with catastrophic consequences for the animal world and biodiversity. Rhinoceroses are on the edge of extinction; elephant babies lose their mothers. Most of them agonizingly starve to death. Without special wild animal rescue stations, it would be impossible to meet the challenge of this grisly development.

Since 2015, the Academy has supported the work of the Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. – an NGO at Makoa Farm near Arusha, founded by veterinarians Elisabeth Stegmaier and Dr. Dr. Laszlo Paizs. Dr. Julia Gräfin Maltzan and Prof. Dr. Henning Wiesner are on call nearly around the clock for the two veterinarians – particularly with a special milk substitute they developed for the needs of the orphaned young animals. Last year, the Academy donated more than three tons of the special milk substitute and sent it to Tanzania. Once again in 2020, the Makoa Farm was able to realize many projects.

The Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W.  describes its activities:

“We look back at an extremely eventful 2020, which – aside from Covid 19 – was full of challenges. The year began with the construction of our new Wildlife Clinic, which will boast the most modern and best equipped institution in East Africa. Here we will be able to treat animals of every species and (nearly) every size and we hope that we can even more efficiently carry out our rescue and rehabilitation.

While the world drowned in Covid 19 chaos, we continued our work and mission without restraint and performed more rescue missions than before. For example, we treated several elephant bulls in the bush, which needed our help after being severely injured in human-wildlife conflicts. They were optimally sedated with blowpipe equipment and the appropriate medication – all sponsored by the Academy. After successful treatment they were released again into the wild. Some of the bulls had to be sedated several times and treated until they were completely healed.

We celebrated the one-year anniversary of the rescue of Savannah, the first elephant calf under our care at Makoa. Savannah is developing wonderfully and has taken over the role of mini-matriarch in the herd.

In March we received our new digital mobile x-ray machine – sponsored by the Academy. The machine significantly facilitates our work because the diagnosis and prognosis of injuries, paralysis, foreign objects, etc., can be made immediately on site, which often means in the bush. 

The one-year rescue of the young bull calf Burigi from the Burigi Chato National Park was also celebrated in July. Burigi is a real little bull who loves to play and always gets into mischief.

We additionally rescued an elephant baby again from a deep water hole on the Maswa Wildlife Reserve. After treatment, the little animal was joyfully accepted into the herd and is now a happy member of the family.

We received another urgent elephant calf rescue call in November. A few-week-old orphaned calf had also fallen into a water hole and arrived at our center after a long journey in a pickup. Little Malamboni immediately started gobbling up the tasty and extremely nutritious special milk replacer - once again proving that the milk substitute developed by the Academy is gratefully accepted by every elephant.

The arrival of our two new members of course substantially increased our need for more specific milk substitute for elephants. We were so thankful that the Academy could quickly supply us with more.” 


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